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lørdag 5. januar 2013

My TOP 10-list

Tha last days I've seen lots of you girls been posting your TOP 10 lists, so the last three nights I've been looking through everything I've made the last year and found my TOP 10. 
It's not the necessary cards I've won any challenges with, it's the cards I myself like the best, and had most fun, (or hardest times :s ) making.
Lots of Magnolias in my favourite-list, I admit that, and mostly christmascards. I think Magnolias are soooo cute, and christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year

for this one I'm quite proud of the folding and "secret" texts.
You can find the blogpost with it here

I was so happy and satisfied with myself when I had finished this card, with Tilda "under water":

I love the effect of crackled glass on this christmastag:

Here's one of the latest christmastags; you can see I love dies :)

This is one of my absolute favourites from last year. I LOVE Magnolias Nativity Collection.
All images are painted with DistressInks (refills and markers) - beginning to get a grip on it now, but still a long way to go...:

My Pop-up-card. 
I spent sooo much time making it, both with colouring and attaching all images and pieces, that this on is a "keeper":

The Napkinfolding must be one of the most elegant folding-techniques, and perfect for weddingcards:

Painting Rudolph was difficult! Many attempts went in the bin before I managed one that I was satisfied with:

I may have mentioned it once or twice the last year; I think blue and white christmascards are really sweet:

Why is this quite ordinary card on my TOP 10-list?
I simply LOVE this image (free with a magazine!).
Hollie Hobbie was a huge figure when I was a little girl, so I think it's out of nostalgy that I came back to this card all the time I spent looking through last years files:

My paper-related new years resolutions must be:
* Using more different stampbrands - but NO WAY I'll put away my beloved Magnolias!
* Be better at making Boys-cards
* Keep my workdesk tidy(er)
*Be a little more active blogger

So, to break the first resolution immediately, I'll hop over to Hjerteboden to spend the giftcardprice I won on stamps from the new Magnolia-collection :D

Thanks for visiting
Let's have a jolly good papercraftingyear together

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  1. Utrolig mye fint du har fått laget i løpet av året!!