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fredag 1. juli 2011

Cupcake Giftbag

Around eastertime "Ett Trykk" had a cupcakechallenge. I had, just days before the challenge were published, bought a magazine (Docrafts Creativity, I think...) that had some lovely cupcakstamps and a little embossingfolder as a freegift.
Of course I could use my new stash and join in on that challenge!
But - "Ett Trykk" seems to have that policy that one can't go public with entries for their challenges until a month after the magazine is in the shops :(
1 month is quite a long time, and I've almost forgotten that now it's been a month, and I can show my Cupcake Giftbag that I made for that challenge, in my blog :)
...and brag to all that my creation were showed in the magazine - EXCITING :)

Here it is:
...and here's what's inside it: contains cupcakemix, chocolate, icingmix and some decorationsticks I made for it :)

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