Christmas Countdown

mandag 7. februar 2011

I'm sorting my stuff

I'm trying to sort some of my stuff and stash :)
I decided to make a book for my laces, I made the covers and found the rings. Then I started to roll up all my loose laces I found that one book isn't enough - I'll have to make another one - another day...
What was ment to be a cute little book turned out gigantic -LOL - I had to tie it together with string instead of using the cute little rings I found - But I will make more covers...

This is a little archivebox for my Magnoliaimages. It's made out of envelopes, cardstock, designerpapers (scraps), a bit of this and that and of course a Magnoliaimage on front :)
here it's shown from the side, I've used some envelopes, but I find this folder very handy, and it makes it easy to find the image I want.

I made this one some while ago, but it wasn't not big enough any longer, so now I keep christmasMagnoliaimages in it :)

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