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onsdag 9. oktober 2013

My Scraproom

Hi everyone, and welcome to my scrapplace :)
I´ve just recently moved into my new scraproom, and haven´t got everything in place, and still have a little things to organize and sort better out.
This room is much bigger than my old room was, so in here I have space enough for my kids to bring in their homework as well - and they like doing it in here, while I´m making cards or colouring.

This is my computerdesk - far too much time is spent here...

This is "my happy place", where I colour, cut and actually make my cards and LOs:

This little desk I think will be used for the sewing machine. So far I have used it most for sorting out "stash"
(The drawers in the back of the table contains mostly flowers and ribbons)

My bookshelf, where I have some of my stamps. Some in CD-covers (in the CD-boxes too) and some in ringbinders. On one of the shelves I´ve put embossingpowders, glitters, snow, flocks….
I´ll sort it and store it better some other day :s

Well, that´s tonights  little look into my space, 
another time I´ll take you into the drawers and shelves.
Thanks for stopping by, and welcome back :)

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  1. waue gorgeous Space to sit and Work with.. you got lots of stuff