Christmas Countdown

lørdag 17. september 2011

:D Jeg har vunnet :D

Look what I got in my mailbox yesterday!
Some weeks ago I joined a giveaway in Helenes blog "Helenes Papercraft", and the other day the winner were picked -and it was ME :D
And look at all these goodies!

Here are flowers and ribbons and laces and charms and stamps and... - you name it!
Here's even a snowflakedie (I can easily imagine it will become a new favourite for the coming season...)
I had to take a picture from above - to better show everything that was inside.
Can you see the wonderful card Helene has made for me?
(Even in my favouritecolours :) )

Take a look over at Helenes blog to see more of the wonderful cards she's making :)

And again Hedda said, with a litlle worry in her voice: "Vi ska vel ikkje gi bort vårres Magnolia'a,vel" (We won't give away our Magnolias'), then she continues with that she shall try them first - hmm, we'll see about that...


Now I have to see if I can find a printer - or someone who can print for me.
Earlier today my printer broke down - the "printthing inside, where the ink comes out, broke - luckily the ink stayed inside the printercabinet :)

...and I have so many LOVELY halloweendigis ready to be printed - isn't it typical!!!


3 kommentarer:

  1. Hei!
    Så fint at du likte pakken jeg sendte - da har ihvertfall riktig person vunnet giveaway'en min :-)
    Ha en super og kreativ helg, jeg venter spent på å se nye ting på bloggen din.
    Klem, Helene.

  2. Lucky girl...lots of yummy things in there...congratulations.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. Lisbeths,
    Hva en stor godteri du har vunnet, jeg skriver dette med en oversetter, så jeg håper du kommer ut av teksten (hihihi)
    Jeg har også en candy tombola, vil du sende dette videre for å komme til meg og etterfølger å være?
    Hilsen Anja